List of Abbreviations

AWSB: Athi Water Services Board

CWSB: Coast Water Services Board

FAO: Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN)

GIS: Geographic information system

GIZ: German International Cooperation (Gesellschaft für Internationale Cooperation)

GPS: Global positioning system

IDP: Internally displaced person

ISP: Informal service provider

KDHS: Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KNBS)

KNBS: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

KSh: Kenyan Shilling

l/c/d: Litres per capita per day

LIA: Low income area (urban)

LVNWSB: Lake Victoria North Water Services Board

LVSWSB: Lake Victoria South Water Services Board

MDGs: Millennium Development Goals

MoPHS: Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation

MWI: Ministry of Water and Irrigation

NGO: Non-governmental organisation

NZOWASCO: Nzoia Water Services Company

RVWSB: Rift Valley Water Services Board

NWSB: Northern Water Services Board

TAWSB: Tanathi Water Services Board

TWSB: Tana Water Services Board

VIP: Ventilated Improved Pit latrine

WASREB: Water Services Regulatory Board

WSB: Water Services Board

WSP: Water Service Provider

WSS: Water supply and sanitation

WWSC: Western Water and Sewerage Company

WSTF: Water Services Trust Fund

Exchange Rate

€ 1.00 = KSh 103 (Average exchange rate January 2009 - August 2010)

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